We build Serverless and Cloud-Native Web Apps.

We build web apps that are ridiculously resilient and highly available.

What We Do

We are a team of AWS-certified professionals and software developers who take pride and passion in helping you build
Serverless and Cloud-Native Web Applications.

We specialize in the following technologies and platforms:

Explore the business benefits of going serverless. Let us be your guide.

  • 1. Pay only for what you use. With serverless, you pay only for the time your web app is visited, making it highly cost-effective compared to traditional server-based architectures.
  • 2. Highly scalable and available. Serverless architectures automatically scale with demand and offer built-in fault tolerance, ensuring high availability even during unexpected spikes in traffic.
  • 3. Reduced operational overhead. With serverless, there's no need to manage servers or infrastructure, allowing us to focus on delivering business value faster.


See if our existing solutions fit your needs, or let us know if you want any customizations.

Buy groceries online. All daily essentials delivered to you.
MetaverseGo! is your premier gateway into the metaverse. Get easy access to Play-and-Earn Games, Guilds, NFTs, and Decentralized Applications.
HealthNow brings health and care to every person in one tap.
Alba Catering is a combined effort of spouses Ramon and Jeanette Alba. Coming from two big families who love entertaining guests with their great cooking, most training and personal touches were inherited and taught by the Moms and Dads. Known for their quality personalized services, inexpensive yet sumptuous dishes, and elegant arrangements (even for low budget) innovation is still top of their priorities.
IMPACT '23 is an 8-week startup accelerator challenge designed to uncover the next wave of innovative B2B solutions from early-stage startups in the Philippines. The program is jointly organized by Sprout and Kaya Founders.
SaaScon is a one-day conference where industry and enterprise leaders will share insights on the growing B2B SaaS landscape.

Don't miss out and join us at this year's biggest B2B SaaS event!
The Official Website of Rep. Joey Sarte Salceda 2nd District, Albay
KlaudSol CMS is a Headless and Serverless CMS (Content Management System). It is an excellent alternative to WordPress and Strapi. It is released under a very permissive license (MIT License), and can be used by enterprises, SMEs,  non-profit foundations, and hobbyists.
SME is an accounting, inventory, procurement, and payroll system specifically tailored for Philippine small and medium-scale businesses.
Doorbell is an app built for real estate agents and investors. Doorbell allows you to be notified via SMS or email if there is a foreclosed property in the market that suits your needs.


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